Assuring your money grows no matter what happens in the economy

Our primary solutions involve using a concept called the “Bank On Yourself Concept” also known as the “Infinite Banking Concept”.

This solution is the utilization of high early cash value life insurance meant to supercharge your retirement and to outpace any savings account.

Financial Planning

When it comes to your financial situation. It should never be taken lightly. The analysis (or diagnosis) part should be the longest part of the process as it determines the best direction for your financial situation. All of our clients are provided with a free 60-90 minute financial analysis call to help identify short term and long term financial goals as well as legacy/retirement planning.

Asset Protection

Minimize risk and protect your assets from third-party agencies. All our financial solutions are built with Asset Protection top in mind. After a complete a thorough financial analysis, we then take a few weeks to crunch the numbers and to come up with a well thought out financial strategy that is aimed at your specific financial needs.

Tax Advantages

The concept we help clients with has many tax advantages, such as tax deferred growth. Unlike other savings options, the growth of the accounts we help clients with grow tax deferred. This means you do not have to pay the taxes on the growth of your accounts. You may still be subject to tax in certain situations.

Guaranteed Liquidity

A key principle in building wealth is liquidity. This is the ability to easily turn your investment or savings option into cash. The concept we help clients with is very liquid. Arguably, the most liquid form of all savings strategies. There are 2 methods of liquidity with our products; loans or withdrawals. Both can be done at anytime for any reason by simply contacting your advisor. Loans do not require any collateral (other than the policy itself) or credit checks.

Finance Assets Protection Structure

If you’d like to learn more about our process for helping you build safe and predictable wealth. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Get your free financial assessment

Through a free and confidential financial assessment we determine available options for growing predictable wealth.

Step 2: We create your personalized strategy

Once we better understand your goals for building wealth we'll craft your personalized investment vehicle.

Step 3: You grow safe and predictable wealth

Once you sign off you're ready to start growing safe and predictable wealth regardless of market conditions.