Financial Asset Protection

We are sick and tired of ‘market trends’ when it comes to your wealth and retirement. Our philosophy is protecting your wealth before you gamble with it. We see the traditional financial planning world as another name for a casino and we believe there is a better way to grow wealth. A way that doesn’t require taking unnecessary risks.

Our Vision

Our favorite part of the day is knowing that clients will never lose money with us since we only recommend working with a solution that has been in existence for over 160 years. A solution that has made its way through the Great Depression, Great Recession, and COVID-19 and will be around for the next 1,000 years. Download our free e-book to see the solution we are referring to.

Our Values

We love to think like a bank and we want you to do the same. When “Thinking Like a Bank”, here are our core values:

Own Real Estate

Have Safe and Predictable Income

Save on Taxes

Never Rely On Banks For Financial Assistance

What Makes
Us Unique

One of the main steps of working with us involves a compete and thorough financial analysis. This involves getting a strong understanding of where you want to go financially in life.

We then make a recommendation to bridge your specific financial needs and wants.

We never make a recommendation without completely understanding your perspective and objectives.

Our Founder

Sarry Ibrahim founded Financial Asset Protection after learning about the Infinite Banking Concept (also known as the Bank On Yourself Concept). He saw this as an opportunity to save retirement accounts, real estate properties, and businesses from market failures and other risks. Sarry believes the number 1 rule to your money is to make sure it lives somewhere safe and accessible. As Sarry states when working with clients “it is never an either/or situation, it is a both/and situation. We want you to integrate the solutions we recommend alongside your business and real estate portfolio to have a double-compounding effect on your money.”

Sarry earned his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago, IL and has consulted companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Allstate Insurance, Humana, and Cigna Healthspring.

Sarry lives in Chicago with his wife Dina who is an oncology nurse.

Sarry can be reached directly at
or by scheduling an appointment here: