Ep 13 - Growing a Business Online With Rouan Kruger

Thinking Like a Bank also involves thinking about how you’re going to grow your business.

One of those ways is through marketing, specifically, online marketing.

Our host; Rouan Kruger, a board-certified pharmacist, turned lifestyle entrepreneur reveals all his strategies and the seeking out of strategies to truly find what it takes to make you thrive. Discover with no fluff, how to truly jumpstart your creative, purpose-driven life. Discover how you can create an online business, using social media, that can help you create time and money freedom. Discover how advanced mindset, goal setting, and time management techniques is a key part of that thrive factor. Discover the tools of how short intervals of stress, can help you breakthrough personal barriers, cultivating stress resilience. Rouan is a big advocate of self-knowledge and how this key to the difference that makes the difference.

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